Wilson Washrooms Join Simon Community Scotland in Support of Homeless Women

Wilson Washrooms have collaborated with Simon Community Scotland to support homeless women on their period.

Simon Community WIlson Washroom s Period Friendly PointSimon Community Scotland, a charity organisation who support the homeless, launched a new initiative called Period Friendly Point (PFP) on the 23rd August 2017, a project that supports homeless women to have a period of dignity.

The need for a project like PFP came from Simon Community’s understanding that there are too many homeless women having to suffer during their time of the month. A decision was then made to do something about it and find out exactly where the problem lies. The figures came out and showed that 70% of the women staying in their supported accommodation didn’t have any idea what a period was because no one has ever taken the time to tell them.

Most women are told about their period and how to manage it when it begins in their early teens by parents, peers or at school. For the majority of homeless women they did not have these types of relationships due to institutional care and traumatic childhood. The lack of discussing their period at an early age then impacts adulthood as they are now too embarrassed and uncomfortable to ask for help or products.

Easily accessible sanitary products

Simon Community Scotland approached Wilson Washrooms and explained that they are aiming to tackle this issue by launching Period Friendly Point. A PFP is a location that can be found by looking out for the identifiable sticker of the 28-day calendar logo. These will be on windows, walls and doors of a fully functioning PFP. A PFP will hold a bespoke display of free and easily accessible sanitary products, as well as pants, wipes and disposable bag.

Support, Advice, Equality and Dignity

However, Period Friendly Point is not all about providing free products, it’s also about providing a service that offers support, advice, equality and most importantly – dignity. Simon Community Scotland want PFP to be that level of care and guidance that homeless women have sadly missed out on. As a feminine hygiene supplier, we understand that educating women on their periods is a very taboo topic, when it really shouldn’t be.

In addition, the Period Friendly Point initiative will involve the distribution of Period Friendly Pax – small, discreet bags containing: tampons, towels, wipes, pants and disposable bags. Simon Community Scotland work with a high number of women who unfortunately sleep rough. A majority of them will not be able to access a PFP, therefore their Street Team will hand out the P.F.Pax and refill them when required from the nearest PFP.

Wilson Washrooms donate to PFP

Simon Community WIlson Washroom s Period Friendly Point

Kirstin Marshall from Simon Community (centre) with Elaine King and Jason Moore of Wilson Washroom Services.

Without hesitation, ourselves at Wilsons Washrooms jumped on board with this project and explained we would do everything we could to help and support. Within a matter of weeks, we were overjoyed that we could confirm ongoing support for the project by providing all the required tampons and towels on a monthly basis.

Through close communication and a clever collaboration of skills between ourselves and the team at Simon Community Scotland, we have been able to provide what homeless women thought of as impossible – free and easy access to tampons and sanitary towels.

Hugh Hill, Director of Services at Simon Community Scotland said: “We are extremely grateful for Wilsons Washrooms generosity in donating the sanitary products for Period Friendly Point. Not only that, they have been very understanding and supportive of our organisation as a whole, which we are very thankful for and I couldn’t ask for a more caring group of people to have on board with us!”

Proud to be involved

Wilsons Washrooms is proud to be a big part of this project because we believe that any woman, homeless or not, should always have access to the right products at that time of the month. We are excited to see where this project goes in the future and would encourage anyone at any organisation to help out and become a Period Friendly Point!

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