Washroom Services for Film and TV Locations

Whether it’s for the latest Harry Potter film, Outlander or The Da Vinci Code, Scotland is a magnet for film and TV companies wanting to make the most of Scotland’s beautiful scenery and spectacular urban locations.

Washroom Services for Film and TV Locations Scotland

Wilson Washrooms provide washroom services for film and TV locations throughout Scotland, UK and Ireland.

However, when a film or TV production sets up location, alongside all the cameras, lighting and sound equipment it needs essential day-to-day facilities to serve the often very large entourage of crew and actors.

Washroom facilities, and feminine hygiene services in particular, are right at the top of the list when it comes to daily necessities. Wilson Washrooms have been involved in a number of film and TV productions in and around the Glasgow area and as we are sensitive to the need for efficient and unobtrusive feminine hygiene services, we provide high quality provision for sanitary bins as well as a variety of other washroom services.

Flexible, Short Term Contracts

We understand that film and TV productions run on tight schedules that run for only a few weeks or months. With this in mind, we offer short term contracts that are flexible to the requirements of any production whether it’s the length of the shoot or timings for the maintenance or servicing schedule.

Don’t forget that because of our national coverage we can also supply Washroom facilities and feminine hygiene services for film and TV productions almost anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

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