Urinal Sleeves

Urinal Sleeve

Urinal sleeves keeps your washrooms hygienically clean

Urinal sleeves keeps your washrooms hygienically clean in a number of ways. As urine or water from a flush passes through and around the cap a small amount of Bio from the block in the cap is eroded into the solution, activating the enzyme (25 billion per cap) which breaks down the uric salt and limescale.

Prevent Foul Odours for up to 13 weeks

Urinal sleeves will also prevent foul odours for up to 13 weeks. Our unique sleeve will lock all foul odours in the waste pipework using its patented incorporated odour lock system, whilst also emitting a pleasant minty fragrance so there are no nasty odours.

Improve Urinal Aesthetics

Our urinal cartridge masks the unsightly urinal outlet, thus improving the urinal aesthetics. This results in a completely harmless and eco-friendly bacterium which eliminates the need for strong chemicals and cleaning agents.

Benefits of our Sleeve System

  • Complete service covering installation and regular servicing
  • Eliminates bad smells with patented odour lock
  • Reduces risks of urinals blocking and overflowing
  • Regular exchange of our urinal sleeve improves urinal hygiene
  • Uses environmentally friendly bacteria and enzymes
  • Enzyme product works naturally to break down uric salts and limescale in the urinal
  • Requires less water us than standard urinal to allow time for enzymes and bacteria to work
  • Reduces water cost and improves urinal hygiene
  • Replaces the use of harmful chemicals & urinal blocks
  • Fitted to most new and existing urinals and urinal troughs
  • Reduces urinal maintenance costs
  • Operates 24 hours per day 7 days per week
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