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The Bioball urinal sanitiser available from Wilson Washroom Services.

BioBall – so powerful that it’s kept in a cage!

The BioBall, a biological block that contains billions of friendly bacteria, which include several different enzymes, surfactants and a detergent.

How Can The Bio-Ball Help

The BioBall is activated when a small amount of liquid is passed over it, this can either be water or urine. Once activated the enzymes are carried into the drain and the fragrance is released into the air. The enzymes will then break down all fats, oils and greases, uric salt, lime scale, and anything organic or bio. Once the drains are clean the surfactants in the BioBall will then coat the inside of the drains to ensure that nothing can adhere to the drains.

Bioball in washroom urinal

With a Bioball in your washroom urinals your pipes will be clean and your washroom fresh.

As advised, the BioBall is activated on a small amount of liquid, this allows the user to switch off with just a janitorial flush once a day to clear the drains of any debris build up. The water and sewage savings are significant to the user as well as bringing down their CO2 emissions.

Water is becoming an important component when looking at cost savings, however some people are sceptical about the hygiene standards being reduced. This is not the case when BioBall is used as it eliminates all problems within the urinal and ensures a pleasant and sustainable washroom.

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