Washroom vending machine

Washroom vending machine

Vertical column dual column vending machines are available on a service contract including installation and a monthly refilling service – or more frequently if required. We offer complete maintenance which gives you complete peace of mind.

You do not have to think about re-ordering stock and keeping large boxes on site which go out of date then walk round filling the machines and dealing with the cash. Losing keys or trying to up vend machines in future years when product prices increase or incur costs calling engineers out when problems arise.

All in one annual service from Wilson Washrooms

Our yearly contract includes all of the above issues in the price. Spare stock is also left with your reception should a customer ever lose their money just give a box out then call us and we will call out to resolve your problem within 48 hours or sooner if possible.

Large washroom vending machine

Large washroom vending machine

Ladycare Machine System 1000

This ever popular slim line fashionable dual column unit is now available as part of the platinum range. We can offer a full range of both high street branded and generic label products including sanitary products, medicines, tights, mints and breath fresheners, condoms, nappies and personal grooming kits depending on the positioning of the vending machine or your particular requirements.

Condom Vending Machines

Specialist condom machines available for Public Houses. Dual vend for the gents washroom with 2 types of condom, dual vend for the ladies with one row of condoms one tampons.

Tamper Proof Vending Machines

Made with heavy gauge steel with a special polyester enamel finish in white. Fitted with 2 coin acceptor drawer mechanisms the lift off front is secured with a ‘Regent’ type screw down lock. This ‘tamper proof’ machine is suitable for schools, colleges and any public areas where customer abuse is likely to happen.

Multi-Vend Vending Machines

We also can supply Multi-Vend machines that can carry a range of up to 10 different products and is particularly suitable for office blocks where a large number of people are present.

Nappy Vending Machines

Dual nappy vend. Attractive fun style to compliment any mother and baby changing room. Nappy tube containing one nappy, one wipe and one disposal bag.

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