Air Steril

Fight Harmful Bacteria and Viruses with Air Steril

It’s a fact that odours and infections are created by bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and volatile organic compounds in the air and on surfaces.

Have you tried everything but been unsuccessful in killing nasty odours in your washroom? Let us guarantee to fix it!

In enclosed spaces in buildings, high levels of harmful bacteria and viruses accumulate in small and open plan offices, washrooms and other places such as photocopying and print rooms. Toilets flush faecal micro-organisms into the air and onto surfaces. Poor ventilation and shared facilities add to the problem and what’s more there is clear evidence that up 20% of people do not wash their hands after using the toilet and spread the risk throughout the facility with everything they touch.


Air Steril easily eliminates viruses, bacteria and moulds from air and surfaces

Even though you may clean your washrooms on a regular basis and despite using perfumed floor cleaners and other air freshening devices, some washrooms never seem to smell clean. This may be caused by smelly drains or bad ventilation in the washroom. There is an inexpensive fix to this problem! Wilson Washroom Services have the full range of Air Steril Units in stock.

Air Steril Infection Control

It’s also a fact that washrooms accumulate high levels of harmful Bacteria and Viruses. With every flush, toilets and urinals force faecal micro-organisms into the air settling on Washroom surfaces. Poor ventilation, shared facilities and people who do not wash their hands all add to the hygiene problem.

Regular cleaning, disinfecting and masking agents are not enough, they will not kill the bacteria which can multiply from 1 to 8 million in 8 hours.

Viruses, Bacteria and Moulds are easily eliminated from exterior air and surfaces by nature, Air Steril units re-create these natural processes in an interior environment destroying the same pathogens.

All laboratory tests were conducted at the Health Protection Agency (HPA) ‘Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response’ Porton Down in the bio-safety laboratories.

Airborne testing at the HPA demonstrated 98.11% bacteria reduction and 92.17% reduction in the standard viral surrogate* after only 5 minutes.

Odour and Infection Control Units


Odour and infection control units installed and maintained by Wilson Washrooms.

Air Steril helps to eradicate offensive odours, infections and illnesses by killing bacteria, viruses and moulds using a combination of UV, ozone and plasma technology.

  • Range of different units to cover rooms sizes from 10m2 to 100m2
  • Ideal for locations with limited air flow
  • Cleans and rejuvenates the air we breathe
  • Controls harmful bacteria and viruses in the air and on all exposed surfaces
  • Improves healthcare
  • Optional features include debris protection system for higher pollution sites and a low power unit for smaller sites
  • Eliminates unpleasant malodours
  • Brings outdoor freshness indoors
  • Cuts cleaning and air freshening costs
  • Can reduce staff absenteeism
  • Helps you comply with HSE Regulations

The Air Steril Unit comes with a 30 day guarantee to attack and kill any malodours in your washroom, leaving them smelling clean and fresh 24/7. No matter how bad the odour is or how large your washroom is, we have an Air Steril unit to tackle the job, so don’t let malodours ruin your washrooms, IT CAN BE FIXED.

The New Air Steril WR30 and WRX

Air Steril 400_WR Wilson Washroom Services

The New Air Steril WR30 and WRX available fro Wilson Washroom Services.

For unrivalled odour and infection control.

If you have tried everything to get rid of that bad smell then why not try the very latest units from Air Steril. These units are covered by the manufacturer’s 28 Day Odour Elimination money back guarantee, so what do you have to lose! The WRX or Washroom Extreme will work in the most difficult locations where no other solution currently on the market will have any effect.

Find out more about the new Air Steril WR30 and WRX.

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