Urinal Water Management

Urinal Water Management

Urinal Water Management

This system reduces the amount of water flushed down the urinals. These are used in conjunction with a urinal sanitiser or urinal sleeve. The reduced water flow saves money and is kinder to the environment. The active agent in the urinal sanitiser or urinal sleeves needs less water to be effective and prevents uric acid build up on the waste pipes and thus prevents odours traditionally held at bay by the huge water flow through the pipes.

  • Reduces water use
  • Potential water saving of over 90% compared to unmanaged urinals flushing continuously
  • Fixed water use and cost
  • Fitted to cold water feed for urinal cistern
  • Urinal will flush at regular fixed intervals every day
  • Fully installed and serviced

The water supply regulations 1999 state that all urinals should be fitted with an automatic device for regulating water flow in a urinal cistern.

Unmanaged water costs you money

Urinal Water Management

Urinal Water Management

An unmanaged urinal that is not fitted with a management device flushes at least 9 litres of water on average every 15 minutes, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Water companies charge twice for all water used.

  1. Charge for supply of water
  2. Charge for waste water disposal on the basis that 95% off all supplied water to the premises requires to be disposed of through the waste water system

How much do you pay for water and drainage?

Charges vary across the country but are typically over £2.00 per cubic metre (1000 Litres)
Unmanaged Managed
Flushes per hour 4x
Hours per day 24
Flushes per day 96x 6x
Days per year 365 365
Litres per year 315,360 13,140
Cost per year £30.72 £39.42

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