Nappy Disposal and Vending Machines

Specialised nappy and incontinence collection service can be tailor made to suite your requirements. We will be happy to provide you with containers or just collect on a ‘bag lift basis’. Frequencies can be flexible depending on your needs. Horizontal or vertical baby changing tables can be purchased directly from ourselves.

Nappy Changing Solution

50 litre pedal operated nappy bin with modesty chute. All plastic construction except push rod. Colours include white, yellow or grey. Units are fitted with a yellow clinical waste sack with sanitizing treatment.

Toughened Polypropylene 95 litre containers

can be left outside in the ‘bin area’ to avoid odours inside your premises.

Dual column nappy vending machine

Fun style to compliment your baby changing area. Vend price is £2 for one nappy tube containing one nappy, one moist wipe and one disposal bag.

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