How the European Ecolabel Can Benefit Your Business

Many of the consumable products provided by Wilson Washroom Services are covered by the European Ecolabel, but many consumers may not fully understand what having the Ecolabel approval means and the importance of it, both to us as distributors, and you, the customer as consumers.

We have put together a quick guide to the main points of the European Ecolabel ethos and what it means for you the customer and the importance it has on the environment for everyone.

Are your washroom products definitely environmentally friendly?

Many products claim to be ‘environmentally friendly’ but provide no way for customers to know what standards they meet. Products with the European Ecolabel show that they are less damaging to the environment than equivalent brands over their whole life cycle because they have met a set of published environmental criteria agreed by EU member states after consultation with relevant interests. Ecolabel products really are kinder to the environment.

Ecolabel Accredited products from Wilson Washrooms

European EcolabelAccredited products supplied by Wilson Washrooms will have the logo clearly on the packaging and include both Bay West paper towel systems and soap and GOJO soap and sanitiser. Both have a comprehensive range of Eco approved products in their range. If you are not sure if your existing products are EEL approved then please contact us directly and we will provide you with a list of all of the approved products in our range.

Every washroom has the necessity to use some form of toilet tissue, hand towels and soap system so why not make sure you are using the best products available to benefit not only your facility but the environment as a whole.

The Bay West and GoJo products are complimented by free dispensers, so costs in changing are greatly reduced should you wish to consider a change for the good for the environment and your facility.

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