Evolution Concentrate Dispensing System from Cleenol

Easy to Use Install and Maintain

Cleenol’s new Evolution dispensing system allows concentrated chemicals to be diluted at point of use. Unlike conventional systems, Evolution requires no water connections, plumbing, or electrical supply.

The compact design allows each dispenser to be fitted in even the most restricted space, so that it can be sited in the best location for each cleaning task.

The robust dispenser constructed from polypropylene and HDE, is able to withstand the harshest cleaning environment.
Maintenance costs are dramatically reduced as there is no need for constant surveillance of the system.

Simple, Accurate Dispensing

The easy to use dispenser has a push/pull lever system which consistently delivers the correct amount of chemical concentrate directly into water in a trigger bottle, sink or bucket.

Safe Systems

The product filled dispenser will only dispense concentrate when the spray bottle is locked into position and both the sink and bucket operations require to be enabled before dispensing. An automatic delay mechanism locks out the system for a time preventing overdosing. The units are lockable for safety reasons.

Non-return valves and drip trays remove the risk of splashing surfaces or the operator.

Environmental Advantages

Accurate dispensing prevents overdosing and chemical wastage. Concentrated products reduce packaging, storage and transport.

Cost Effective

Controlled dispensing and consistent dilutions every time, give demonstrable savings in cost in use.

Benefits of the Cleenol Concentrate Dispenser System

  • Product control
  • Provides savings by using super concentrates
  • No need for water connections, plumbing work or electricity
  • Secure and lockable dispenser with a preset delay mechanism to restrict overdosing
  • Lower packaging shipment / storage costs
  • Reusable spray bottles providing lower cost in use every time a bottle is refilled
  • No ongoing maintenance costs, providing demonstrable
    savings in cost in use
  • No ungainly hoses or connectors
  • Compact design allows fitting in restricted spaces

Download the Evolution Concentrate Dispensing System Printable Brochure (pdf format 1.3MB)

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