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Air Steril Infection Control – for a cleaner working environment

The simple fact is: washrooms accumulate high levels of harmful bacteria and viruses. Poor ventilation, shared facilities and people who do not wash their hands all add to the hygiene problem and the greatest risks are seen in care homes – children’s nurseries – soft play centres and office buildings.

Air Steril Unit from Wilson Washrooms

Air Steril Unit from Wilson Washrooms

Wilson Washrooms has the answer with Air Steril.

Air Steril units kill multiple bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould in the air and on exposed surfaces,

Microorganisms such as Norovirus, E.coli, MRSA, common cold, bronchial pneumonia, influenza and many more are killed by the Air Steril unit and at the same time reduces nasty odours in the environment where fitted. Our units can cover an area of 10m2 to 100m2.

The Air Steril units are designed to operate 24/7 even when residents, staff, children and customers are within your establishment. The Air Steril Units help to reduce and kill up to 98.11% of airborne microorganisms after 5 minutes use and 59.47% of surface microorganisms after 1 hour.

Air Steril Units will help you raise the profile of your establishment by demonstrating your organisation’s commitment to improving the environment you are providing.

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